Terms of Service & Fee Refund policy

These terms and conditions represent an agreement between the Universal Group of Institutions ("Institute") and student, a prospective student.

By accepting the Institute’s Admission of a place on a programme in a University, you accept these terms and conditions in full, which along with Student Admission and the Institute’s rules, regulations, policies and procedures and the most recently published prospectus (as applicable), form the contract between Student and the Institute in relation to Student studies at the college as amended from time to time pursuant to Clause.

1. Any amendments made by the Institute to the Contract will be made available on the Institute’s website, which you should consult regularly. we shall take reasonable steps to bring these changes to the attention of affected students as soon as reasonably practicable.

All admissions will be considered done after receiving full fees and with complete documentation (educational documents). If student will not provide all concerned documents within the given timeframe (as per the date finalized by the University or Institute), institute holds the right to cancel the admission of the student then and there.

Also, institute’s service charges will not be refundable but the fees will be refundable as per the University/Institute’s guidelines.

The institute/University holds the right to cancel the admission of any student if he/she fails to pay the fees on or before the due date. If student fails to submit all documents mentioned in respective Provisional Admission Letter of the University to process admission before last date (declared by University/institute),or the student is non- contactable on the phone number provided by them without any information, University/institute holds the right to hold/cancel the admission of the student.

The fee is calculated and charged on semester basis, but for the convenience of the students, payment is facilitated in installments except for the final year. In case of refund, service charges, registration charges and other charges are not refundable under any circumstances but the fees will be refundable as per the University/Institute’s guidelines.

2 In the process of admission, it is student’s responsibility to ensure that all the documents and information provided by the student to the University or institute is true and accurate.

2.1 If it is discovered that Student application contains incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent information, there is a re-assessment of Student fee status, or significant information has been omitted from Student application form, the University/ Institute may withdraw or amend Student Admission, or terminate Student registration at the University/ institute, according to the circumstances and also can take the action against the document and information provider.

2.2 If Student have not fulfilled the all conditions of Admission before the date notified or last date to Student Admission or any other date notified to you, the University and institute reserves the right to withdraw Student Admission or defer Student application to the next year of entry.

2.3 Students may be required, at the request of the University/ institute, to provide satisfactory evidence of Student qualifications (documents in English / Malayalam only will be considered) before admission. Failure to provide such evidence to the University's satisfaction may result in the termination of Student Admission, the revocation of Student registration as a student of the University and termination of the Contract.

Conditions of admission

Student should also note that Student progression on Student programme and Student final award are not guaranteed and are dependent upon student’s examination performance.

Institute is not liable/ responsible for any action taken by University on the admission application of the student. If University does not confirm the admission of the student on finding any wrong information or forge (Edited) documentation provided by the student, institute will not be liable to refund fees till the time it gets cancellation confirmation from the University.

Fees are subject to revision (as applicable) in accordance with the terms of the Tuition Fee Policy. Fees consist of 3 parts- Registration fees, Tuition fees, Examination fees and other charges.

3 Changes to Student programme

3.1 The University reserves the right to:

31.1 make variations to the contents of programmes, including the range of courses (modules)

3.1.2 alter the approach to methods of delivery of programmes such as the timetable, location, number of classes and methods and timings of assessments;

3.1.3 discontinue programmes and merge or combine programmes; due to events outside the University's reasonable control or if the University/Institute considers that such action is reasonably necessary in order to appropriately manage its resources, pursue its policy of continuous improvement, comply with changes in law or comply with the instructions of the University's regulators or a professional body.

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms and conditions, please contact the University's/Institute’s Admissions Office.

Fee Refund policy